How to get SD-slot working on WIZwiki-W7500

I have a WIZwiki-W7500 with an micro SD slot. I have tried to run the diagnostics program W7500x_WZTOE_MANU.bin and I get the following result
on the serial port connected to the USB port:
val: 12C0, getTIC100US: 12C0, (12C0)
…PHY is linked.
[DEBUG] SD Card Test
[DEBUG] init ret : 1 , SD Card Type : 0
SD Test Fail!![DEBUG] CID / MID : 0x00

I do not think this is the normal result but I do not find any information how to get the SD-slot working.

Please refer to the following link.

First, please check the latest CMSIS-DAP firmware.
Second, if you use mbed, refer to
Third, if you use KEIL, refer to W7500/W7500x_Library_Examples/Projects/Peripheral_Examples/SSP/SD_Card_LED at master · Wiznet/W7500 · GitHub

And last, I have a question.
Where did you get the binary of W7500x_WZTOE_MANU.bin file?


Hi Jim

thanks for your information, now it works after uploading the latest CMSIS-DAP firmware.
To make the instructions for uploading a bit clearer please add what to do after point 4 Drag and Drop or copy the updated firmware to the CRP_DISABLD disk for CMSIS-DAP.
I was unsure what to do next so I remowed the power to the board and put it back again and this seems to work but what is the recommended procedure?
I found a zipfile on the mbed page for the W7500x_WZTOE_MANU.bin I think.

Regards Erling

You can find “SDFileSystem_HelloWorld_WIZwiki-W7500” project in
Please select that project.
Select “Import into Compiler”.
If you need, login.
Compile the project.
Use SDFileSystem_HelloWorld_WIZwiki-W7500_WIZWIKI_W7500.bin file.

If you need tutorials of mbed, refer to

I cannot find a zipfile of W7500x_WZTOE_MANU.bin file.
Could you upload that? or let me know the link of zipfile, project.


SDFileSystem_HelloWorld_WIZwiki-W7500_WIZWIKI_W7500.bin (36.9 KB)