W7100A boot problem

Hi, WizNet.

I use WizIsp to program W7100A and mistakenly tried to program ~64KB of code into 255B data memory. Loading stopped at 17% of progress. Now WizISP can’t establish a connection with W7100A.
I broke a bootloader code? Can I run the chip again?

Regards, setime.

Hi, setime.

Bootloader doesn’t matter with code flash and data memory.

So, that W7100A works fine is correct. So I think there are other problems.

I want to know you use EVB or your own board and if you have another W7100, test same procedure and confirm ISP works fine.

Best regards.

Hi, hjjeon0608. Thank for reply.

Sorry, I didn’t mention that W7100A is mounted on the WIZ107SR module, i use it to implement own application.
Now I am working with another WIZ107SR module and its successful programming as before. But a broken module at the same time does not respond to attempts to establish a connection via COM port.

Regards, setime

Hi, setime.

I tested 107SR with your procedure.

But I don’t have seen problem like yours.

So, I recommend to request RMA.

Best regards.