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Strange output

We have a WIZ110sr serial to ethernet adaptor connected to a weighing indicator, the indicator is sending 1,123456 followed by a carriage return then a line feed.
Connected to Hyperterminal the output from the adaptor is 1,123456!!! I don’t know why we are getting the !!! can you help please.


Does the carriage return and line feed print well?
If so, is it followed by !!!?

And let me know the serial settings of the module and the settings of the terminal program you are using.

Hi Kei
Thank you for getting back to me, I am not on site at the moment but from memory, the serial settings were 19200, 8, N, 1, software control flow.
Static IP, mixed mode, no data packing, no serial configuration.
The output is as I typed it with just the 3 ! and no cr or lf

What does “software control flow” mean?

When you see that CR LF is not output and !!! is output, it seems that there are serial setting and other problems.

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