WIZSmartScript & AT-Command problem

I get a “Serial Command Error” when I use WIZSmartScript.
The WizFi630-EVB is new. The firmware: DS 620P-4M-bas-sta-1T1R-v1.1.27-2013/03/11.
The UART1 interface works. I have tested the interface with the “Serial to Wi-Fi test” from the “Quick Start Guide”.

The EVB also does not respond to AT-commands.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello Hardix

Please, refer to the below descriptions and link.

wiznet.co.kr/Admin_Root/UpLoad_F … %201.2.pdf

And, if you want to use H/W-GPIO for , please check the below option.
=> <Serial Port #1> => => => Enable