RX Buffer Read


I am unable to verify the known udp data packet I am sending to the W5200. The RX size is correct and the RX RD pointer is 0. The physical address of the RX data has been calculated correctly however the data is not corresponding to what I expected.

I have tried to write to the RX Buffer and then read back the data and have found it does not correspond as well, however writing to the TX buffer and reading corresponds. Is the RX buffer RD only? Is there an extra step required before accessin the RD buffer?


Hi, mwc

First, RX buffer cannot be written. It is read only.

And if you cannot read correct data, try to upload loopback firmware and test.
If you still get wrong data, reply again with packet capture file(using like wireshark) and what is sending and receiving data.

Best regards.

Hi hjjeon0608,

Thankyou for confirming the W5200 Rx Buffer READ Only attribute.
I have resolved my issue with the receiving of data and can transmit as well.

Thanks again