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Project with a Wiz550io


I will use a Wiz550io in a project and I have some questions since I’m quite new with it and with Ethernet in general.

If my wiz550io is powered (and RSTn is high), I can directly ping it with a pc if my pc got an IP adress in the same network, right? (192.168.1.XXX) ? (theoretically)

I got a board with SPI communication, it provides the clock and everything.

What do I have to configure if i want the simpliest way to send datas using the Wiz550io/ethernet to read it with a computer ? (like “sniffing” ethernet port of my computer ? Using UDP or TCP? If so, what do I have to configure…)

Does someone can help me with that or redirect me to some help?

Thanks in advance and sorry for possible broken english.

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Dear Vermu

I think you can test WIZ550io with Arduino platform easily.
Please refer to the following link.


I don’t have any arduino, isn’t it possible with a PC?

WIZ550io is not for PC.
If you want to connect with PC, please the following product.



Hum, I don’t want to connect the SPI with the PC, just the Ethernet, it’s impossible?

If you have only WIZ550io, you cannot use Ethernet.
You must have the platform or MCU board like Arduino UNO.

PC1<USB>Arduino UNO<SPI>WIZ550io<RJ45 Jack:----------LAN----------:LAN Card>PC2
MCU Host<SPI>WIZ550io<RJ45 Jack:----------LAN----------:LAN Card>PC1
PC1<RS-232C>WIZ550S2E-232-EVB<RJ45 Jack:----------LAN----------:LAN Card>PC2


As i said in my first post : “I got a board with SPI communication, it provides the clock and everything.”

It’s a custom board with a FPGA on it, I aim to use a microblaze or picoblaze on it

Actually, I don’t know a microblaze or picoblaze.
When I search that, I found there is the bus interface. (I don’t know if I’m right.)
If you want to use the bus interface instead of SPI, refer to W5300 chip.


Picoblaze and microblaze are softcores of Xilinx. You can use SPI on it (xilinx provide a code they developped where the FPGA is an SPI slave but you can make it a SPI master)


I just have a question for the clock i’m generating, it’ll be faster if it’s a yes, if it’s a no, the SPI will be just a bit slower.

Does the clock the SPI master provide has to be 50% duty cycle? I’m doing it with a picoblaze and it’s quite easy to generate a SPI clock where duty cycle <50% but the low and high state are both > 6ns (like the SPI datasheet of the W5500 suggest)

(I’m not working from scratch and the code which was provided by xilinx to make a SPI master for a flash memory is making a clock but not 50% duty cycle)

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