case Sn_MR_IPRAW: Compile error

Just download the latest io_lib and there are compile errors in socket.c. I’m using W5500 and WIZCHIP is defined as 5500;

error: ‘Sn_MR_IPRAW’ undeclared (first use in this function)
case Sn_MR_IPRAW:

error: ‘SOCK_IPRAW’ undeclared (first use in this function)
if(tmp != SOCK_MACRAW && tmp != SOCK_UDP && tmp != SOCK_IPRAW) return SOCKERR_SOCKSTATUS;

Dear Lee_Trueman

I found errors.
Please change your code to the following.


#define Sn_MR_IPRAW 0x03 /**< IP LAYER RAW SOCK */

#define SOCK_IPRAW 0x32 /**< IP raw mode socket */

ioLibrary will be update later.


Thanks Jim

On a porting note, i’m looking to use this with RTOS Chibios/RT, What would you suggest example wise as a guide ?

Or if you have a porting guiding even better :slight_smile:

Sorry, there is no example or porting guide for Chibios/RT.
I found RTOS examples in wizwiki and wiznetmuseum.[]=rtos