socket opening configuration for w5100

Hai all,
I am new to w5100, I need help to know about, whether the w5100 can can sent a data(or a notification) to server, without the continues request from server side

Does it can be configure compatible to websocket or long polling from server side ?
(a similiar way of processing in notifying the events going on in facebook notification)but client to server(opposite direction)

can anyone help me plz,

thank you,

I think you have to decide your platform board.

If you know Arduino platform, you can use Arduino Ethernet board or Ethernet shield included W5100. There are examples of websocket in Arduino platform.✓&q=arduino+websocket&type=

If you know mbed platform, you can use WIZwiki-W7500 board or Ethernet shield included W5500. There are exampes of websoket in mbed platform too.

Websocket_Ethernet_W5500 - Websocket Test Program for W5500 or WIZ550io ( WI… | Mbed
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