MACRAW and IP sockets at the same time

I am going to implement MACRAW through socket 0, and still using other sockets 1, 2 and 3 for TCP/IP and UDP/IP.

There’s similar question, which was left unanswered.

Do I understand properly, if I set up W5100 the way above, then

  • socket 0 will get all the packets W5100 receives, until socket 0 RX buffer is full;
  • sockets 1, 2 and 3 will still get their matching data from related configured sources, with socket 0’s RX buffer receiving a copy of data (in raw format) these sockets get.

In other words, setting up MACRAW in socket 0 does not make other sockets inoperable. Please confirm.

I will check W5100 case. But it will take time.
I will feedback after test.
I have one question.
Which interface do you try to use between host and W5100? Is it SPI?


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No, device uses parallel interface with about 80 ns access cycle.

Do you use the bus interface?


Hello, Eugeny

Every socket can not receive when the RX buffer is full.

And it is ok to use SOCKET 0 as MACRAW and others as TCP or UDP.

W5100 checks socket exist and port number for TCP and UDP.

If there is correct socket having port number and IP, W5100 uploads packet to exact socket, not only SOCKET 0.

If w5100 works differently, please let us know.

Thank you


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I tested MACRAW in W5100E01-AVR board on direct mode.

Socket 0 was used as MACRAW.
Socket 1~3 was used as TCP loopback.
All sockets were worked.

I think there is no problem to use MACRAW in W5100.


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