DHCP server function in WizFi310.

It is possible to use DHCP server in WizFi310?

I would like to set start and end addresses thats will be assigned from the WizFi DHCP server.


In conclusion, you can use a WizFi310 as a DHCP server.

It will be helpful for you.


Click the link, and you can find the answer in ‘AP Mode using WPA2 Static IP’ section.


Hi, thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure it’s solution appropriate for me. I would like to set initial and final IP addresses assigned from DHCP and be sure that server not assign from outside.

I don’t know the rules of assigning IP from WizFi DHCP server.


I thought you want to use a WizFi310 as a DHCP server like an AP.

Could you tell more details about what you want to do with WizFi310.


Yes, I would like to use WizFi310 as a DHCP server like an AP.
I have few devices with static IP on my network created by WizFi310 access point.
I must be sure that DHCP server in WizFi not assign to other devices (with dynamic IP) the same address IP (as static device).

Hi, Mateusz_Baczewski

I am sorry for the confusion.

This means, WizFi310(AP mode) assigns a same static IP to other devices(with dynamic IP) ?

As you know, a DHCP server can give a dynamic IP(192.168~) to devices, not static IP.

If it is right, could you send us a capture?


I try to describe this problem.
Network is created by WizFi.
When device without static IP want to connect with network WizFi assign new dynamic IP adress.
Next, my other device with static IP connect with this network.
I’m not sure that IPs are the same and that’s a conflict. I would like to set minimum and maximum IP for dynamic adresses to be sure that I doesn’t make a conflict. I will can set static IPs except this dynamic zone.

Hi, Mateusz_Baczewski

Now, I got what you meant. :slight_smile:

There is no way to set a dynamic addresses range…

I am sorry about this.