Hi, I want to use the WIZ550io to send meassured data from a Texas Instruments Delfino TMS320C28346 Controller via Ethernet to a PC. Is there a simple way to get the communication done? I tried to use the ioLibrary, but I have to adjust a lot, e.g. data types. I’m using Code Composer Studio 4, based on eclipse. Thanks for your help!


Hi, fbo.

I’m sorry, we provide ioLibrary as driver and sample code and we don’t have other code.
But maybe you can transfer data types by include stdint.h or using define e.g. define uint8_t (your type).

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Hello hijeon0608,
thank you very much for your advise. I’ll try it.
Best regards.


Hello, to which registers do I have to write to get a minimum / basic UDP-Connection to the PC and to send and to receive some data? Thank you for your help!
Best regards!


Hi, fbo.

Do you want to send and receive data by UDP??

If you do, refer to W5500 datasheet and wiki site.

Best regards.