Part Number Reference for matching 1x14 Pin Header

The WIZ120SR is the perfect part for a project my customer wants. This will save me a lot of time as it is plug and play. I am in the process of laying out a PCB for the WIZ120SR Module but can not find a matching socket for the 1x14 2mm pitch header used on the module. Does anybody have a Digikey or Mouser part number that will work I would like to be able to unplug (remove) the Wiz120SR from the main board. Thanks for any help.

It is a common pin header.
If the corresponding pin header has the same pitch, it is usable.
Can not find the product in Mouser and Digikey?

Thanks for the response, but, nope - unable to find any 1 X ZZ 2MM Headers. I found a supplier on eBay that has 1x50 2MM headers I can cut down to 14 pins and ordered them from China. I think problem solved.

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