Need help

Can anyone tell me the Name of the regulator behind the power supply. I plugge dwrong adapter and need to replace it. On board behind plug power adapter, it is +C19 on the board. Need to order a replacement. Thanks for your help.

There is 3.3V Regulator(U5).
The parts name is LM1117MPX-3.3
It is SOT-223 package.


Thanks peter. I could read that one. The one I need the info on is right before the 3.3 it is the orange one right next to the power and before the 3.3

You can use general tantalum-capacitor at C19.
It is 10uF/16V and B-case(3.5mm x 2.8mm).


Would it be feasible to use a resin dipped tantalum capacitor or best to get the same thing as the board has already? I guess I’m asking if there is a major difference. Thanks. Youve been a marvelous help

Thanks Peter. You wrre a great help in tracking down that capacitor. Went to radio shack and found a standard tantalum cap with pos and neg leads and soldered on board. Back up and running. 10uf16v of course. Thank you.