Center tap of transformer

Hi dear Wiznet teams.
I have two questions that :
1- W5300 is Current -mode Or Voltage-mode transmit drivers ??
2- Is it possible that center tap of transformer not to connect to VCC and just connect to a 0.1uF capacitor only?

sincerely yours.

There’s a reference schematic how the chip should be used (connected). Can you please explain the purpose of your questions.

OK, I Saw the reference schematic and checked it. In the reference schematic, center tap connect to VCC 3V3A and a 0.1Uf capacitor. BUT in my new design i can not connect VCC to center tap illustrate in below figure:

But i don’t know it is possible or not??

Let me answer the following way:

Reference schematic is the way manufacturer (WIZnet) guarantees operation of its product (W5300). Consequences of all deviations from this schematic is a responsibility of the designer.

Unless someone from WIZnet development confirms you that your design will work the way you want it to have, you are not formally guaranteed your result.

If I would be you I would find a way to comply to the reference schematic - in other words connect the wire you point at to 3V3A. Probably it is the right problem to solve?

Hi…I m starting to play with the microcontrolers, but I have some issues setting them up, I configure my power source for 5V output, but when I connect my pic32mx250f128b the voltage drop at 3.3V , I could think this is ok, but when I connect my rn-41-ek module voltage drops even more ~1.6V, so it is not good for any of my IC, what could I be doing wrong? is this normal? is it possible that I overlooked a short? any ideas?

Hi NoellEagan.

First, use to LDO regulator.

It use on 3.3V and then use on 3.3V to 1.6V drop.

If you want rn-41-ek module 1.6V, I think need interface board(3.3V to 1.6V). or insert LDO regulator on your W5300 created board.