Trouble connecting device using WIZ830MJ to Cisco IE4000

We have an issue connecting all of our devices using the WIZ830MJ to our Cisco IE4000 Industrial Switch. We can connect these devices to an Antaira layer 2 switch with no problem. When connecting to the layer three switch, the switch sees that something is plugged into the switch but the switch cannot get the MAC address of the WIZ830MJ device. I have tried to set the speed to 100Mb/s but that has no affect. I have read on other forums to set the MAC address to something different but I do not know what to change it to. I do have someone going out today to try a crossover cable. Can anyone point me in the direction of things to try to get these devices working on my network?


What is the intention to change the MAC address.
If you can connect to an layer 2, I don’t think it’s a matter of MAC address.
When you try to connect to an layer 3, does the link led light up?
If it doesn’t light up, you should check the settings.

If the speed is fixed at 100M, the setting on the switch must be FIx or Auto at 100M.