WIZnet W550DR only working in one direction on windows 10

I have a W550SR and I am trying to send information(serial commands for a WIFI camera) to a WIFI NETWORK.I have a tablet connected to the same WIFI network using Realterm to receive the commands .This works fine on 2 windows 7 computers and does not work 3 windows 10 until I first send something thru Realterm . It then comes alive and as soon as the connection is inactive for 4minutes it times out again

On two Windows 7 computers, I can initiate a data transfer from either the WIZ550SR to the VSP or from the VSP to the WIZ55SR just fine. This always works with nothing timing out.

On 3 different Windows 8 tablets/laptops, I must initiate a data transfer from the tablet first in order to then initiate from the WIZ550SR. For the next couple of minutes I can then initiate from the WIZ550SR, after which I cannot. Initiating from the tablet/laptop again, then allows me to initiate from the WIZ550SR for another couple of minutes.

I am setup in UDP mode.

Please see the below link.

Hello Eric,
We would like to have our custom Windows program be able to set the IP address of the WIZ550SR in the VSP and also be able to set the IP address in the WIZ550SR module for the matching computer. Right now we use have to set the PC side using the WIZ VSP program and set the WIZ550SR module side using the Configuration tool. In other words, we need out users to be able to switch the computer matched to the equipment with the WIZ550SR module. Using both these tools is far beyond our user’s capability. Is there an SDK for controlling the WIZnet module and VSP settings?.