Problem init WizFi250

I’m trying to use an WizFi250-H with an Arduino Mega 2560 through the SPI interface. I’m using logic level converters on all signals between the WizFi250-H and the Mega2560. For the circuit I followed the reference schematic: UART1_RXD and URT1_TXD pulled up to 3.3v through 10K resistors, BOOT pin floating, and FUNCTION pin pulled up to 3.3V.

I checked with a scope the level of the SPI signals at the WizFi250 pins. SCK, CS, MOSI have pulses, but MISO is always at 0 .

When I try to use any of the example sketches included in the official WizFi Arduino library, the code stops during the wifi.init() e don’t go further.

I bought a second WizFi250-h module, and the behaviour is the same.

  • Surely I’m doing something wrong, but what? Can you help me?
  • Does the WizFi250-H require the use of the UART1_RXD and UART_TXD signals, or can I just use SPI?

Thanks in advance

I apologize for late reply.

It is possible to communicate with SPI between WizFi250 and Mega2560.

You should set SPI mode before SPI communication.
I think it is helpful. plz check below link.:slight_smile:

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Hi Tom, tanks for your reply.

This is from the document referred in your answer (which I already had read)

"AT Command Set
This section provides a list of WizFi250 AT commands and their effects. Users can input commands and parameters through USART line

As I tried to say, I designed my board without any connection to the USART lines of the WizFi250 module. In my project I’m already using all the 4 uarts of the Mega, this was the main reason why I choose an SPI WiFi module. So, how I can send AT command’s to make it work in SPI mode?

Is it a requirement having the USART lines connected from the MCU to the WizFi module to make it work in SPI?

After having the module powered, should I see any WiFi network?

Answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated. This project is on hold until I solve this question.
Once again, thank you.

I’m really sad about the lack of support for this product.
I don’t have the development board, I’m just trying to design a product that uses these WiFi modules. It is so hard to reply to costumers answers within an acceptable time frame?

Thank you

Hi, Werk :cry:

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I have no excuse for late answer.

I hope you it is helpful.

WizFi250 supports SPI interface and of course SPI line !

H/W connection should be like below.

Arduino (SPI Master) ---- WizFi250 (SPI Slave) ------- Remarks------------------
Allocate your GPIO ------- GPIO14 (50) --------------- WizFi250 Data Ready
MSPI_MISO ----------------- SPI_MISO (21) ------------- SPI Master In/Slave Out
MSPI_CLK ------------------- SPI_SCK (22) ------------- SPI Clock
MSPI_CS ---------------------- SPI_SS (24) --------------- SPI Chip Select
MSPI_MOSI ----------------- SPI_MOSI (23) ------------- SPI Master Out/Slave In
GND ----------------------------- GND ------------------- Command Ground

And, we provide a SPI interface s/w examples based on arduino.

I hope you it will be helpful to solve your qeustions.

If you have other problems, ask anytime !!!