Invoke a URL

Hi all:

With the WIZ200WEB module, is it possible to program it to call a URL from the code? I mean that the module invokes the URL by itself (periodically or when a certain condition happens).

Thanks in advance.

Hi koldiodo,
I’m sorry but your question is not well understood.
would you please explain more detail?
(‘invoke a URL’ means ‘implements HTTP client with DNS client’ ?)


Hi Eric:
I would like to send some values calculated inside the program, to a webpage on the net through a webform on that external page. So I need to periodically invoke something like this: “http://webpage_url/formresponse?entry1=value1&entry2=value2”(value1 and value2 are known, calculated inside the code).

I don’t think the complete HTTP client is needed, because I don’t need to process the answer of that URL.

I hope it’s clear now.

I guess, that function would be possible to performed on WIZ200WEB board.
You have to implement your function by referring to the WIZ200WEB source code.


Please refer to WIZ200WEB webpage example.
The ‘Analog Input’ page shows analog input data on webpage when a certain condition happens(data changes, Ajax),
and ‘Digital Input’ and ‘Temperature Read’ page shows data on webpage periodically(webpage refresh using HTML meta tag).
Remember, If you want to implement a specific web function, need modify both of the source code and webpage code.