Registers of FCTRLR, FACCR, FCTRLR for programming of flash memory

Hello! How can I learn a number of the bit of SER in the register FCTRLR, and also a number of the bits of SZ in the register FACCR and a number of the bits of WR and WRI in the register FCTRLR??? The similar subject was already created here. But the description of the necessary registers was absent there.

Dear Ilya

Maybe you saw the following topic.

We didn’t open documents of flash memory registers because you cannot handle that in firmware level.
You have to use IAP to control flash memory in W7500x chip.


I use Assembly code, so I have to know the numbers os bits in the register FACCR, FACTRLR and FSTATR. You may understand, that if I use Assembly, I cannot use the IAP libraries. And in the manual there is no description of IAP function. How can I use IAP function for write to flash-memory from program (!), but not simply from external source (for example SPI).

Hello! We managed to write flash memory through Assembly code with help of the IAP functions. Thanks for your advice.
Best regards!