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Wizfi 250 TCP server

Hi Team,

I am working on TCP webserver on mbed. The Wizfi 250 module connects to AP and obtains the IP address, then I SCON command for TSN socket and then MEVTMSG command which give error.

After this When I try to check loading the IP address on my mobile, it doesnt display the HTTP response that I am sending from the application. I checked the console, but dont see any response.

Following are the output on console,

Command = AT

Command = AT+MECHO=0

Command = AT
Command = AT+WNET=1
Command = AT+WSET=0,testAP
Command = AT+WSEC=0,password
Command = AT+WJOIN
Joining : testAP
Successfully joined : testAP

[Link-Up Event]
IP Addr :
Gateway :
Command = AT+WSTATUS
WIFI connected to hotspot
The target IP address is '’
Command = AT+SCON=O,TSN,80,0
Command = AT+SMGMT=?
Number of Sockets : 1 (SCID/Mode/Remote/Local/DataMode)
Command = AT+MEVTMSG=1
Error in AT+MEVTMSG response
Wait for connection…


hi, satish040

i am apologize for late answer.

I think your WizFi250 firmware does not support the command.

So, I recommand you to use latest firmware !:slight_smile:

it is available below


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