how do I get permission to upload?


I would like to ask a question that references a schematic page that I want to upload. However, I was denied the upload function because I am new user.

Can anyone get me permission to upload my file.




I don’t understand your question.
tell me more detail your think. What upload??

First, WIZwiki-W7500 board is can use the CMSIS-DAP.(Drag and Drop) refer to below link.


I wanted to ask a hardware related question about the PHY magnetics and termination for the W5200. I wanted to upload some schematic excerpts, but was told Iwas new member and could not upload anything.



W5200 is Network IC. no embedded MCU function.
And PHY magnetics and termination is not related upload function.
more detail information needs your schematics.

I again say, schematic and block diagragm etc… needs more information.

Thank you