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Data mode not working on WIZ550S2E

Hi! I’m trying to connect my MSP432 microcontroller to a TCP server (Hercules) using WIZ550S2E. I configured the module as a DHCP client. The problem is that after switching to data mode, it does not transmit data received from UART or from Ethernet (TCP server).

I have attached a logic analyzer capture which can be opened using the free Salae Logic Pro software. You can see that after switching to data mode, it replies success “[S]\r\n”, but the data sent over UART (“abc”) does not reach the TCP server. Vice versa is the same.

If I remain in AT command mode, I can send/receive data successfully, but I need to work in transparent mode.

I’ve tried connecting using the AT configuration tool v1.03, but it cannot find the device. I have connected the module directly to the PC. Module IP is, PC IP is, ping works, firewall is disabled, but AT configuration tool cannot find it.

What is the problem? Is there a configuration missing?

**capture.zip (4.4 KB)


I replyed to other place.

Thank you.

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