W5100 unusual behavior


I’m from brazil and I have a little practice in English, but I’ll try to explain my problem.

We currently have about 6000 units installed with the IC W5100.We have recently noticed an unusual behavior and we can’t find any info about it on the Wiznet literature. This problem is becoming increasingly evident with our client and we need a solution asap.

The W5100 IC can be found in one of the following environments:

• W5100 → MODEM (Various Technologies with an internal Switch) → SERVER
• W5100 → SWITCH → MODEM (Various Technologies) → SERVER

What happens is that after the equipment is set up and operating normally, at some point, for some reason we are yet to know, it loses communication. You can PING the MODEM, but you can’t PING Wiznet. This issue is only solved by disconnecting and reconnecting the W5100 IC energy unit.

An important information we noticed is that when the W5100 is in normal operation the LINK LED is lit straight on and it goes off when there’s data traffic, but when the problem occurs, the LINK LED blinks at the same rate.

There are other states that can show LedLink? What are they?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi, edersonnieto.

  1. If you cannot ping to W5100, there is your network problem because W5100 has auto ping reply so W5100 cannot receive ping request or there are so many traffic.

  2. Link LED is always ON when the link is OK and it flashes while in a TX or RX state. So I wonder why link led turn off when there is data traffic and why it blinks when problem occurs.

So, I recommend to check network status, whether your firmware fall into loop or not.

Best regards.