WIZ550S2E not reconnecting to TCP server

Hello! I’m using WIZ550S2E to connect to a TCP server (Hercules). The problem is that it does not reconnect if I close the server and open it again or if I plug out the cable and plug it in again.

You can see my configuration on this topic:

Why is it not reconnecting? And how can we resolve this issue?


Sorry, It don’t open capture file.
Is it wireshark tool file?
please refer to wireshark file to me.

I want know your all configuration system diagram or real pictures.
Are you normal working configuration tool search? Then It is normal working.

Therefore, Which use to serial system?(rs232 or rs485)
Or you have to checking to configuration network setting (IP, subnet mask, gateway, port).

Please tell me all information.

Thank you.


  • It is a capture made with a logic analyzer. It can be opened using the free Salae Logic Pro software. I have attached a Wireshark capture and Hercules screen capture. This data flow is the following:
  1. The device sends 16 bytes on start-up to the TCP server (Hercules);
  2. The server responds with 16 bytes;
  3. I disconnect the cable and send 16 bytes from the server; as expected, the device does not respond;
  4. I reconnect the cable, send 16 bytes from the server and, as expected, the device responds;
  5. I close the server, open it again and wait a few seconds;
  6. I send 16 bytes from the server and the device does not respond (it should reconnect and respond);
  • My system is composed of MSP432 microcontroller connected via UART to WIZ550S2E.

  • I am programming the tool via UART, not using configuration tool; it is an application constraint to program WIZ550S2E via UART; however, the configuration tool could not find the module at my home computer (I described the situation in the other post Data mode not working on WIZ550S2E), however at my work computer it worked and I do not know why!

  • I am using UART to program WIZ550S2E;

  • The module is configured to use DHCP and connect as a TCP client to a server created on my computer using Hercules.

I still do not know why it does not work in data (transparent) mode.

Please tell me if you need other information.
Captures.zip (26.4 KB)

I made a Wireshark capture at my home computer to see why the Configuration Tool does not see the WIZ550S2E module. After I click Search I do not see any packets generated from my PC.

I mention that I have the latest Java Runtime Environment at my home PC and work PC. Why does the Configuration Tool not work at my home PC?


If you run with virtual machine in PC, you must turn off to virtual machine.

Thank you

I am not using virtual machine. However, the most important question is why doesn’t WIZ550S2E reconnect if the Hercules server is closed and opened again after a few seconds? It only reconnects if I unplug cable and then plug it again.

Did you manage to reproduce the problem? It only happens when I close the server (Hercules), wait a few seconds and open it again - WIZ550S2E does not reconnect.