WIZ550SR UDP problem

I am using the WIZ550SR to connect to a ethernet port my computer.The computer is running the virtual serial software VZP. The Wiznet is programmed to UDP .It seem like I first need to send something from the ethernet side for the connection to come alive.I have two computers the windows 7 computer works fine but the windows 8(tablet) computer only works if i send something using realterm and then the wiznet comes alive and I can send serial data over it.Is there and issue with windows 8 and the VZP software or am I doing something wrong.

Hi, @hmartin

Please check the following:

1. Please use the latest version of WIZVSP program (v1.9.x). This version supports up to Windows 10.

  • Below link will help you.

2. Please check and disable your PC’s firewall and anti-virus program.

  • In the case of the problem you mentioned, it is possible that the firewall is blocking the data transfer.