W5500 Industrial/Military Grade

Sir, I am planning to use W5500 in my project for avionics applications. Please suggest a Ordering Part number for Industrial Grade IC in W5500. I am planning to use HX1188NL along with that W5500 which is already industrial grade. Please provide me the Industrial grade part number. Thanks and Regards.

Ajay Kumar

Hi, Ajay.

There is no separate Industrial grade W5500 chip, it is one product. The W5500 chip is an industrial grade, and we guarantee stable operation in the industrial temperature range (-40 ° to 85 ° C).

This product can be purchased from the following link:

Your project looks very interesting. If possible, please introduce your project here.


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I am afraid that industrial grade, in particular related to avionics and aeronautics, does not limit to the temperature range. There’s at least one more parameter related to the operation issues caused by excessive radiation. For example like here. Does W5500 have such mechanisms?

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Eugeny, thank you for your proper concern.

As you know, the W5500 chip is an Ethernet IC designed for commercial / industrial applications. Therefore, this chip does not have special technologies to cope with the problem such as high radiation issues and is not suitable for military / aerospace applications.

However, the W5500 chip is also used in aviation and military applications in fields requiring industrial spec. This chip can be used if it conforms to the specifications of the user application.

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