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W7500P Speed issue

Hi, we are developing an application using W7500P , W7500p always connected in 10Mbps Half Duplex mode only.
void set_link(SetLink_Type mode)
used this function with all
HalfDuplex10 = 0x0000,
** FullDuplex10 = CNTL_DUPLEX,**
** HalfDuplex100 = CNTL_SPEED,**
** FullDuplex100 = (CNTL_SPEED|CNTL_DUPLEX)**

options , but always wiznet connected in 10 Mbps HalfDuplex Mode . Other End product configuration tried with auto negotiation and with different speeds also.

Any one came across with the same problem?
Please suggest any document or tutorial regarding this.

Vishnu .

Previously we had inserted the 10M fixed code for the stability of the Ethernet link in the public code for the W7500P, but now it works in auto-nego mode.

Please refer to the link below.

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