We cannot debug W7500P cause of using a C-Library.

Hello! We use the MC W7500P. And we have problems with transmission of TCP/IP packets into the network. Packets were transfering, but with a delay (sometimes the delau grew up to 1 second and more). And the time delay changed during the work. We tried to load into W7500P the library, which was taken from your website (“WZTOE_LoopbackTest”) and AFTER THAT we cannot earse or write flash memory, so we cannot debug the MC. We use for programming “Keil 5” and debugger “Ulink 2”. In Keil 5 we see the window with the message: “Device could not be powered up”.Tell us please, how can we recover a normal operation f W7500P?

P.S. we do not use the board WIZwiki-W7500x, our board was made by ourself for W7500P.

Is your W7500P board still in trouble?
If so, please leave a reply.