5V Power Connector Info

Hi. Haven’t been able to find info on the 5V dc connector on the EVB board, in the documentation. Questions I have are -

  1. Is the center pin positive?

  2. What is the voltage range allowed on the 5V input?



Hello HEN,

you can find the schematic of the WizFI220-EVB on the product page (eucache.wiznet.co.kr/UpLoad_File … -Guide.zip). I also attached the zip-file for you. The center pin is positive.

As you can see there is a MIC5209 LDO voltage regulator embedded on the EVB. This voltage regulator can be powered with ±20 Volts, but it is not recommended to power it with more than +16 Volt. The capacitors that are used at the input pin of the voltage regulator are limited to +16 Volt and could be damaged if they suffer from a higher input voltage. I also attached the datasheet for the MIC5209.

Best regards,
mic5209.pdf.zip (1.38 MB)
HW-Design-Guide.zip (1.45 MB)

Hi Felix,

            thank you very much for the information.  Very helpful.