Hello everyone

We intended to combine the W5500-EVB in our product as board to board and for this I need cad file.
Solidworks format is a prefer but *.step file will be greet also.
The drawing in the WEB has missing information

Please your assist.
Thanks in advance

Hi Moti.

I’m sorry. We don’t have W5500-EVB cad file. (Solidworks, step file etc…)

We just have PCB dimension. (below link)

Thank you

Hi Edward

Do you have DXF ?
I already have the drawing from the link nut there a lot of missing information.
I would like to use the W5500-EVB as board to board to our product and its critical to know the location of the connectors in reference to hole mount.

Please your assist


Hi Moti.

I’ve upload w5500-evb dxf file in my blog.

please refer to below link.

Thank you.

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Hi Edward

Great , thanks a lot

Moti Divald

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