NTP client for WIZ550S2E?

Hello! I am using WIZ550S2E and I need synchronize time with a NTP server.

Can this be done with WIZ550S2E or is there a NTP client that I can use with WIZ550S2E?

Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply.

Did you solve the problem?

No I haven’t. I am using the module in data mode, connected to a TCP server, so I don’t think it is even possible to make another client connection to a NTP server in this mode.

I can use either AT command mode with two connections, or wait for WizNet to implement NTP functionality in the module.

It is not difficult to add the NTP client in the module.

However, it is difficult in systems that convert serial to Ethernet.

For example,

How do you express the time you received with NTP? Will you add one serial port and print it?

There are many considerations.

So, I suggest you get the time information using the AT command. NTP protocol is simple.

See attached photo.

or You can modify it yourself. The source of WIZ550S2E is open at Github

Thank you for the suggestion.