WIZ107SR how to send/receive tcp/ip packets


I’m new with wiz107sr module (but I’m very experienced in embedded programming). i read the documentation, connected to the board via config. tool & via serial.
What I don’t understand actually, if I want to send some packet via ttl(uart) to ethernet , tcp/ip packet, I have destination, port, data payload. How can I do it? How to open port? what should I do?? And from other side how can I receive packet via uart?
Could you please add some concrete example?
In addition, may be you have some host code example works with wiz107sr via uart? It will be great if you can send it to me.

Hi, @BorisPokutinsky

You can control the settings of destination IP address, port number and etc. with the configuration tool or serial command(and by the Ethernet network). And our hardwired TCP/IP stack in chip automatically handles packet encapsulation to send/receive payload to its destination.

Below link will help you.
This link is the user’s guide for WIZ750SR module which is the hardware and software compatible with WIZ107SR product.


Hello. Anyone got silkscreen picture (png/bitmap/pdf) of wiz107sr R1.4 ? Trying to find resistor R21,R22,R23,R24 and remove it . Some silkscreen label on pcb overlapped , cant see label properly ?

refer to below attatch files.

WIZ107SR_silk.zip (80.1 KB)

Thank you

Edward . Thx for the pcb silk …

Hello. I tried to change the ip adrress of the module to\r\n but doesnt work ? During transmission of cmd (set low HW_TRIG and set high after transmission finnish). But nothing happen ? Do we need to do cmd “SV” and “EX” after serial transmit cmd change address ?