Addresses of the registers PHY of the interface for W7500P

Hello! How can I learn addresses of registers for the PHY interface: Register Page mode Control Register, Control Register and Status Register???

Hi! Ilya!

You can find the address of the PHY interface in <W7500P PHY Reference v1.0.0 - English>.
You can see the information from addresses of registers for the PHY interface in chapter No. 2 Register Descriptions of this document.

W7500P PHY Reference

Hi. Evgenij_Yumashev

W7500P has IP101G series phy.
So, please refer to IP101G datasheet. (below link)

And then refer to w7500_x_miim.c file in W7500P library (below link)

It code has W7500P phy register control function.

Thank you.