Stream data transmitting with W7500P

Hello! We use W7500P for stream data transmitting with UDP protocol. But W7500P does not work normally. Can W7500P transmit data-packets with period of time, which is less than 50 ms? Sometimes W7500P stops to work suddenly, then the connection is interrapted and LINK is lost. This status lasts 1 or 1,5 second, and then it starts to work again.

Hi Ilya.

First, What use device? WIZwiki-W7500P? or WIZ750SR? or your board(made)?

and We need your test code.

If you send to me, I will check your firmware code.

Thank you

We use the board, which was made by ourself. We made three boards and they have different routing. And only one board sometimes works normally. We send a part of our (1,0 КБ)

I have the WizWiki 7500P dev kit I have this exact same problem. Any word on this? I stream every 0.1 seconds from the ethernet and every couple seconds the ethernet just seems to take a break for upwards of several seconds.

Hello! You tried to use 10 Mbits mode???

No I’m auto negotiating 100mbps. Does 10mbps work better?

Yes. See Buggy w7500p?.


W7500P has already revision.
If you use before version to W7500P, I recommend that change W7500P revision chip.

Thank you.