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W5500 ping command for hostname

Ping command is working fine for Static IP and Dynamic IP by DHCP Client for W5500 stack running on microcontroller.

If Try to ping with hostname is giving error
Ping request could not find host wiznet Please check the name and try again.
e.g ping wiznet.

But Router shows that DHCP Client List is connected with its name showing in the list.

What should need to do for working of ping by hostname?

Effort to guide will be appreciated.

My PC says the same for “ping wiznet”:
Ping request could not find host wiznet. Please check the name and try again.
and does it for simple reason - there’s no host with “wiznet” name in the internet and in my local network.

Logically you need to implement DNS query on your W5500 to be able resolving host names to IP addresses.

Are you saying, need to implement DNS server for ping

No, I say that to be able to ping you need IP address, but to be able to get IP address from host name you need to make DNS query.

Note i am taking about PC side, where i am typing ping command. Then How could be this possible to do DNS query as PC is doing itself.

Then your question is not related to the WIZnet but rather to administration of the operating system of the PC or of your network in overall. You can put the required name into local DNS if you have such, or into hosts file on the PC so that PC can associate host name to IP locally.

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