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A sample loopback program for W5200E0l, which uses eth loopback plug

I would like to get a sample program that should run in W5200E0l, the provided code snippet will be added in main function, this code can send a string data and receive the same data with the help of a ethernet loopback plug/device which is connected in W5200 RJ45 connector, A solution will be a great relief for me.

Hello karthik-altran
Here is the link about W5200 datasheet and application program

And refer this ioLibrary for the loopback program. In Internet application, you can refer the loopback.

Thank you

Hello Lawrence,

Thanks for you reply, software provided by wiznet has a loopback program but it works only with an
AXI application which has to be installed in a different PC, W5200E01 and the PC has to be connected with ethernet cable, but my requirement is different thatis the program running in wE200E01 has to perform loopback test just by connecting a loopback plug in RJ45 of w5200 and not with the help of a external PC, kindly help me in this.


You can make this program yourself using libraries provided by WIZnet and pointed by @lawrence. The libraries allow you to configure the chip, to send data, and to receive it.

It is not clear what is the purpose of “solution” you ask for. Loopback as is does not have much usefulness, it is rather test which you do not perform in the field during normal device operation.

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