Anyone using Wiznet W5300 chip in Video or Image applications?

Dear All

I am using Wiznet W5300 to receive video or images over UDP but facing some problems related to link disconnection. I just want to know how many of you using wiznet w5300 in Video or Imaging over IP network applications?

Thanking you in advance.

Would be good if you detail the issues you have, and troubleshooting steps you have already taken to make such a conclusion. It may happen that UDP packets are being lost on the way, and it is up to application to find it out. If you need reliable communication at the W5300 implemented stack level, you must either use TCP. Otherwise use UDP with application identifying lost packets and handling these events appropriately.

My problem is very specific to video or image data reception using wiznet w5300. LEDs on W5300 device blink at times only to stop receiving video or image data even at data rates as low as 92 Kbps. Therefore I want to know could/should I use w5300 in video applications where there are streams of data coming into RX FIFO and going out of TX FIFO very quickly? Please tell me has anyone used w5300 in video or image related applications?

I see no Wiznet Support guys participating in the forum discussion. Please don’t make us to regret on choosing Wiznet chips in our applications.