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WizFi 310 - 40 MHz bandwidth

I would like to achieve 150Mbps receive PHY rate and 150Mbps transmit PHY rate using 40MHz bandwidth.
What is an appropriate method?

Hi, Mateusz_Baczewski :slight_smile:

–> I am getting confused. Could you explain in detail? (background like what you want to do with WizFi310) .


Hi, I try to explain. I use my WizFi 310 in AP mode. My configuration set 20MHz bandwidth and I suppose I use only 72.2Mbps rate. I learn about the possibility to speed up my Wi-Fi transfer thanks to extend bandtwidth to 40MHz (from WizFi 310 datasheet). I don’t know AT command to switch to 40MHz.

Hi ! Mateusz_Baczewski.

I am sorry to say WizFi310 doesn’t support that function :frowning:

Have a nice day !!


OK, WizFi website contain mistake.

Hi ! Mateusz_Baczewski :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know that.

Also, I am sorry to have confused you.

We’ll fix that.


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