Serial port#1 not communicate

Sorry for my english…

I set serial port#1 as follow:
Protocol: TCP, Mode: Server, Server Port: 5000, Baudrate: 38400, DataBits: 8, Parity: None, StopBits: 1, FlowControl: None.
I open COM2 on PC (WizFI630 Serial port#1) - COM port is opened OK.
I connect by TCP to WizFI630 on port 5000 - it is conneted OK.
But if i send some data - nothing happened (no data received on other side).
It’s correct ?

If i try it with Serial port#2 on TCP port 5001 it’s work’s fine - data are transfered from TCP to COM and from COM to TCP OK.
Serial port #1 and #2 have connected only TxD, RxD and GND.
RTS, CTS, … pins from WizFI630 is not connected - it may be problem ?

Thanks for help.

Hello aktivo

If TCP-Client in your PC succeed in connecting WizFi630, there is no problem in WizFi630-configuration.

And if you select , you have only to connect TxD, RxD and GND, as you said.

Please, try it again as below.

  1. Use the another TCP port (like 5001)

  2. check the below option in web page and uncheck it.
    <serial setting - data packing option - command mode - enable(enable : HW GPIO used)>


  1. I try change TCP port from 5000 to 5005 - nothing transfered.

  2. Then, i try uncheck ‘Command Mode’ for serial port#1 and something happened.
    Transfer data from PC over TCP to WizFI630 serial port#1, then to COM port 2 on PC works fine.
    But transfer data back: From PC COM port 2 to WizFI630, then to PC over TCP doesn’t works.

When i try serial port#2 (TCP port 5001) with same connector - data transfered ok in both directions.

I don’t understand where i make mistake.

I have connected some leds from WizFI630 pins:
pin 39 (EJT_TDO) - UART2 Tx/Rx LED
pin 33 (LINK_LED_0) - LAN port 0 Link LED
pin 13 (WLAN_LED) - Wireless Init / Active
pin 41 (EJT_TDI) - UART1 Tx/Rx LED
pin 48 (I2C_SD) - Run LED (GPIO1)

Can some of these LEDs make trouble?

Hello aktivo

I want to check WizFi630’s mode.
To check this, please send the following data to WizFi630 via serial and let me know the result.
If WizFi630 is a Command mode, it will return WizFi630’s version information.

It sounds like you are testing with <your PCB + WizFi630>.
How do you test it?
<WizFi630+WizFi630-EVB> or <WizFi630+your PCB>?


Hello Steve,

I switch serial #1 to command mode and i try send via COM port on PC to WizFI630, but no answer from WizFI630.
If i try send (Command Mode Enabled) via TCP to WizFI630 - no answer.
If i try send (Command Mode Disabled) via TCP to WizFI630, then no answer, but text is transfered on COM port (on PC). If i try send via COM port to WizFI630 (Command Mode Disabled) – no answer, no data transfered to other side.

I switch serial #2 to command mode and i try send via TCP to WizFI630 - no answer, but text is transfered to COM port on PC.
If i try send via COM port on PC to WizFI630 – no answer, but text is transfered via TCP to other side.
Same situation is, when Command Mode is Disabled.

I have own PCB (no original EVB) + WizFI630.
(see attachment)

I use this cable to communicate between PC and WizFI630 (only Rx, Tx and GND is connected):
[url][/url] (1.47 MB)

Hello Aktivo

I succeeded communication with WizFi630-EVB and configuration which you sent me.
So, I think that this problem is not about the configuration.

How about check the h/w, again?

Hello Steve,

i solved this problem.

PCB is OK, WizFI630 is OK.

My cable connector for Serial port #1 was bad.
Short between RxD and DSR_N make this problem.
I repair connector and it works fine.

I have 10 pins cable connector for WizFI630 serial #1, but only 3 pins are used: TxD, RxD and GND.
On WizFI630 PCB is 10 pins connector (on PCB). There are all serial #1 pins (RTS, CTS, …) + Power and GND.
I check more than 10 times cable for short-circuit. Not short between any of three pins was detected, but in cable connector was short between RxD and DSR pin. When i plug connector to PCB, RxD pin was connect with DSR.

I did brute-force check all pins vs all pins to detect short on PCB, but i didn’t found any short. :slight_smile:)
I was search problem for more than 3 hours. :slight_smile:))

Thanks you for your time and patience.

WizFI630 is very, very, very excellent product.

PS: Sorry for my english.

Hello aktivo

You did a good job.
Anyway, congratulation for solving the problem by yourself.


Hello Everybody, sorry for my bad English, but i have a question.
How i can send data from my computer via wifi to the RS232?
What i have to do?
I use the WizFi630.
Thank you for your Replay

Hello Silvermann

Please, refer to the below file.
There are several example about serial-to-wifi-communication.