Issue at Interfacing W5300 with W5100

I am working on W5300 IC for TCP/IP communication. I can able to connect and transmitting data from my control board(TMS320F28335 Custom board) with PC with no issues, and i also interfacing another control board having W5100 IC with PC its working fine with no issues.
Here problem is coming at interfacing with these two custom boards(W5300 IC as Server with W5100 IC as client) with absence of PC.
My application is such that if i request from client (with some bytes of data) to Server, the server has to send some number of bytes.
While debugging at client side Status register S0_SR(0x0403) shows me as connected.
While transmitting data at client side(W5100 IC), the Transmission interrupt is araising and Interrupt shows me Interrupt (IR) value as 255 and S0_IR shows me transmitted and Receive bits with out Receiving at Server side(Concluded by Receive interrupt has not araise).
Please help me out of this issue.


This value sounds to be invalid for Sn_IR; three MSBs must be zeros. You may be reading incorrect register from the chip, or reading the register incorrectly.
Or you really read IR register (at address 0x15)?

Should be correct behavior.

Where do you check these receive bits? At “server” (W5300) side?