I can`t load

I can not download the firmware via the program WizISP:
1.I put the mode code
2. I’m erase the chip.
3. Checking the blank
4.I press to program. And the process stops all the time in different places but has never reached the end.
I tried with different .bin from examples, the situation is the same.

The download process can stop all the time in different places.
For programming, I use the 107SR module, which was soldered with a clean 7100A.


I suggest using the ‘Auto Task Selection’ and ‘Go’ button located at the bottom left.
Please check the steps 1 through 3 only.
(For the W7100A chip, the ‘Verify’ step is meaningless due to the specificity of the memory structure, such as lock bit)

After the serial connection of the ISP port,
please press the ‘Go’ button to perform the ISP process.