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Problem with a OPEN SOCKET

Hi there,

I’m with a problem with W5100. The SPI comunication works ok in a develop board (WIZ812MJ) the socket open normally. But in my custom board (schematic attached), the socket not open, after send a open socket command, the S0_SR every returns “0”. I tried with socket 0, 1 and 2 and give a same result.

The same code application works with WIZ812MJ.

The protocol is the TCP/IP.

Any ideas?


Hi, I found the problem. The 3V3_A1 was without connection with 3V3. The net label are different.

Now it works.


Perform dump of all common registers, at least some power up with 1 bits in them. If all will appear to be 0s, then you most probably have issue with clock or reset. Why do you use this circuit for reset? Use scope to see if reset signal on the RESET pin complies with the described in datasheet.

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