WIZ107SR need to factory reset module...

Hi, Grogster :slight_smile:

You can recover your WIZ107SR module using factory firmware in below link.

At this time, you have to program the flash memory using the WIZISP tool for W7100A MCU.
Download the WIZISP program via the link below and try to recover your product.


Below link will help you for using WIZISP tool.

I’ll guide you through a simple product recovery steps.

  1. Connect WIZ107SR and PC via the serial interface. (Check the COM port, If necessary, use USB-RS232 converter)
  2. Reboot the module while shorting 1 and 2 of J1 on board. (Enter MCU boot mode)
  3. Run WIZISP tool and ‘Open’ the serial port
  4. [WIZISP] Select the firmware binary file attached to the link above
  5. [WIZISP] Check the Step 1 ~ 3 of ‘Auto Task Selection’ and then click ‘Go’ button
  6. Reboot your WIZ107SR module

I hope this answer will help you.