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Hi Good Days,

I have a lot of WIZ110SR, and I use them in Tcp / ip to Serial mode without any problems.

but I am having a problem under “Use Udp Mode”.

I want to make the UDP server port random. local port is 161 all time.

So if I get data from the any port to the PC den WIZ110SR, I want to send the data to that port.

wiznet local port = 161.

server port is 60542 ==> wiznet 161. port / wiznet 161.port ==> 60542

same time.

server port is 1528 ==> wiznet 161. port / wiznet 161.port ==> 1528

Also, Wiznet 110sr send udp packet only 1 byte , ı send on serial 10 byte packet but only udp send 1 byte to 1 byte, so wireshark mal formed packet read.

Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

What is the firmware version of the module?

I don’t understand that socket is created with 161port.

This is the log of udp communication with v5.13 version.


“Wiznet 110sr send udp packet only 1 byte …”

This can be the case when the module captures serial data and sends it to Ethernet.

To prevent this, set the option.

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