Wiz610wi serial to wifi issue

Dear Sirs,
Recently purchased a Wiz610wi wifi module to try to send remote commands to a serial device.
I designed and built a board according to the Serial to Wifi interface diagram you provide.
Once the wifi module is installed in the board, I was expecting to automatically see the default SSID when looking for networks in my computer, but nothing shows up.
Is this the normal behaviour? Should the wifi module be configured via ethernet prior to connecting via wifi?

Thank you very much,
Kind regards,
Francisco Pérez

Dear Francisco

If WizFi610wi module is normal, you can see it’s default SSID in your computer when only connect VCC(Pin9 or Pin10) and GND(Pin35).

This is check point for this problem.

  1. check the Wiz610wi’s current when connect only VCC(pin 9or Pin10) and GND(Pin35).
    • If current is more than 380mA and less than 480mA, It is normal operation.

Thank you

Thanks for the info Kaizen.

Meter reads 140mA with only VCC and GND connected. Voltage prior to connecting the Wiz610wi module is 3.30v, and after installing it, drops to 2.72v.
Should I expect then that my wifi module is faulty?

Thank you very much,
Kind regards,
Francisco Pérez


If WIZ610wi module is normal, It has to have more than 380mA and less than 480mA when only connect VCC and GND.
But I think your module doesn’t have this current. So you would better connect our distributor.

For detailed information, refer this URL