Scrambled Data


I have an installation where I am using four WIZ1000 adapters to communicate with RS232 equipment in four separate buildings. I am using WIZVSP to create four virtual COM ports on a Windows 7 PC. Two of the adapters are working correctly, but the other two are sending back scrambled data. The data going out from the PC is getting to my equipment just fine because the equipment is recognizing data requests and sending a reply.

I am using ports 5000, 5001, 5002, and 5003 for the four devices. I thought that two of those might have problems, so I swapped them around. However, the same two WIZ1000 adapters continued to have problems. If I bypass the WIZ1000 with a USB to RS232 adapter, my communications is fine so I know my other equipment is working.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I’d like to know this problem is related with the network environment or WIZ1000 itself.
Did you swap the WIZ1000 with another working well WIZ1000?

If you’re confident that WIZ1000 have the problem, just return it where you bought.