WIZ550WEB v1.1 - no UART message on startup


I’ve got the module working fine. I didn’t have to change anything at the initial delivery state.

For now, the module is still on my breadboard.

As soon as possible, I’ll put it back on the “baseboard” and check if there’s still a problem.

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Hi, flotul.

It’s very simple.
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Hi All,

There is definitively a problem with my baseboard. I’m in contact with m supplier and there doesn’t seem to be a problem to send it back.

The WIZ550WEB module works fine on my breadboard where the serial connexion is made via a FTDI 3.3V USB-RS232 cable.

So, as it should have been “normally” happening, connecting the baseboard as it comes from the supplier to an Ethernet port, powering it up without having to install/program/configure at all would work just “out of the box”.

Voilà, thanks a lot for all your help and “no”, not all the answers can be found in the wiki :wink:


Glad it worked out for you :slightly_smiling_face: