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Datasheet W5500 addresses

Confusing regarding W5500 addresses in W5500 datasheet (ver 1.0.7) ? In page 20/66 , N-Bytes WRITE Access Example . How to determine the Offset Address = 0x0040 for the socket 1’s TX Buffer ? I know BSB[4:0] = ‘00110’ coming from page 28/66 , 00110(0x06) – Socket 1 TX Buffer .

Just confuse about getting the address phase – 0x0040 ?

Second question . For gateway address is the address phase = 0x0001 and the bsb[4:0] = 00000 for GAR0.
For GAR1 would be – address phase = 0x0002 and the bsb[4:0] = 00000 , so on for rest gar register .

Could we send continues like writing GAR address -> address phase = 0x0001 , { bsb[4:0]=00000, R/W=1, gar0 data = 0x00, gar1 data = 0x01, gar2 data = 0x02 and gar3 data = 0x03 }
following page 14/66 , Figure 7 spi format ?

First time using W5500 , hope u guys could answer the question ?

This official site fetches datasheet version 1.0.6.
This one, while saying it would provide version 1.0.8, provides version 1.0.7.

I am already confused :slight_smile:

If you look at the figure 10 at page 20 there’s clear explanation how starting address is indicated - it is given in the “address phase”, and 0000_0000_0100_0000 is exactly binary representation of 0x0040.

But in general you can consider BSB field is a part of the address, because these bits select target access area.

Does it answer your question?

Seems you are confused by the word phase. This word has meaning in the scope of the SPI access request to the W5500 (see figure 7 on page 14), and is not applicable when you talk about just addressing the specific register. Thus GAR0 addressing must be: address=0x0001 and BSB=0b00000; but if you want to read GAR0 using SPI frame, you must supply address 0x0001 within SPI frame’s address phase, and BSB in SPI control phase.

It should work this way if you select respective OP mode in the control phase of SPI request (I do not see you mentioning it above).

Hello Eugeny . Thx for ur reply starting to know a little bit on applying ww5500.
Basically I am using xilinx fpga (oregano MC8051 core with sdcc 8051 ) with custom peripheral spi module etc, to interface to wiznet w5500 . Trying to use wiznet w5500 ioLibrary driver for TCP server ? Follow will ask more question on as now is just beginning ? Later may need ur help on some question ?

Hello Eugeny. Got some forum question regarding flow from user Shade (TCP Server with W5500). This is related to w5500 Update ?

3.7.4 Write Data Size to S0_RX_RD to Update.
3.7.5 Write S0_CR = 0x40 (RECV) to Notify W5500.

Based on the flow . May I know from "3.7.4 Write Data Size to S0_RX_RD to Update " . Do we write back the value of data size from " 3.7.1 Read S0_RX_RSR to Get the RX Buffer Data Size " to S0_RX_RD to Update ? Update means what for w5500 ?

And why we nee to to "3.7.5 Write S0_CR = 0x40 (RECV) to Notify W5500 " ? Isnt the S0_CR (RECV) interrupted when interrupted cause by established connection ?

Hope u could help to explain ?

You write back original 16-bit value of S0_RX_RD incremented by the number of bytes you have read from RX buffer to notify chip and this amount you have read is not free and available for chip to put received data into.

I do not understand. This command tells chip that there is free space in its RX buffers (after you update RX_RD), and it tries to receive more data into its buffer.

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