W7100_A Serial to Ethernet

We Made our own PCB as per the WIZ107SR Schematic,The Below point’s we observed while Testing our Serial to Ethernet Board,

  1. After power ON our board its drawing the current 110 mA but EVK Board is drawing 250mA.
    2)The voltages (W7100_1V8D & W7100_1V8A) & clocks (25 MHz & 11 MHz) are coming in our board which is same as EVK Board. the board is not detecting after connection Ethernet port to PC.


Hi rajesh_9949

Do you using W7100A_S2E?

If you are using the W7100A_S2E, make sure the LINK LED and ACT LED are on.

Thank you.

Dear sir,

we are having the Chipset (WIZnet iMCU W7100A NC2FY-002 1538) with sticker pasted on the chip is W7100-S2E. The EVK chipset number is (WIZnet iMCU W7100A NF3CS-001 1625).

After power ON our custom board the voltage on the LINK LED & ACT LED pin is 3.2V but 0V is showing on the EVK Board.

please reply