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What is the maximum cable length when using W5200?

We have tested 150 meters cable with W5200 and with W5300.

Using W5300, connection was established without any problems.
Using W5200, there was no connection, neither with nor without auto-negotiation.

Thank you.

I do not think this is supported configuration, see here and here. Thus you are lucky that W5300 worked (but what was the speed and quality of connection?).

The length 150 meters was tested just for experiment. It is out of specs of course but I guess a lot of hardware already support such cables. E.g. cheap switches (D-Link, TP-Link) worked with 150 meters cable too.

The question is why W5300 differs from W5200. In this topic W5500 was said to be operational with 120 meters. Is there similar information about W5200 and W5300 or the reason is schematics?

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Hi Kyursen.

It is the PHY characteristics difference between W5200 and W5300.

The PHY characteristics inside the W5200 are slightly lower.

We do not guarantee 150m.

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Thank you!

Hi…What clock rate are you transmitting? 10M should be fineWe are using CC2205R-BKB to connect 3 boards, it works fine and more convenient than flat one you are using. To sync 4 boards we have manually assembled cable from flat cable and crimp connectors, it also worked.

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